Synod Archives

Periodically the Synod will archive important material in the Alberta Government Provincial Archives, as well as the National Presbyterian Archives. To discuss archiving material, please contact the Synod Archivist:

Bob Anger

The Synod Archivist's duties:

  • Receives the original minute books, reports, correspondence and the occasional special publication or collection of private papers and has them microfilmed. The original documents are deposited in the Provincial Archives of Alberta in Edmonton and a positive copy of the microfilm is deposited in the Presbyterian Church Archives, Toronto, ON as per the requirements of the General Assembly.
  • Receives and deposits with the Provincial Archives of Alberta other archival documents which may be received from individual presbyteries, congregations or groups within the Synod's bounds. (N.B. Costs of microfilming, repair, etc., is to be paid by the donor.)
  • In the case of congregations within the Synod which have been closed, the official documents of such congregations are to be microfilmed (at the cost of the Congregation or the Presbytery if there are no remaining assets) and deposited by the Archivist in the Provincial Archives of Alberta with a positive microfilm copy sent to the Presbyterian Church Archives in Toronto, ON.
  • The Archivist operates under a formal Agreement between the Synod and the Provincial Archives. The first Agreement signed in 1984 was reviewed, revised and signed June 30, 2005. The Synod's Archivist is the only person who may make deposits on behalf of the Synod.

For a number of years, the General Assembly has recommended that congregations and the courts of the Church microfilm their records. Several congregations have done so; a few have placed their records in the Provincial Archives. Microfilming is the preferred method in a time of rapidly changing technology. For more information, visit the Presbyterian Archives page on microfiliming.

Depending upon the volume of records, it may be preferable to microfilm a portion of the records over several years. Younger congregations are urged to begin the process of records management and preservation sooner than later.

Session minutes have restricted access for a period of fifty (50) years from date of origin. Also see the Presbyterian Church website for Book of Forms, Appendix G.